Found: One Joseph King

by wataugagenie


So, no wonder you were hard to find, WILLIAM Joseph King from Wake County, North Carolina.  You were cleverly hiding with your wife Jane Beasley and a passel of legitimate King children. After you left Ellen Jane Whittington and the girls, Joanna and Ellen, back with her grandfather John Jefferson Whittington in Watauga County, you went back to your wife in Wake County.  

My search for you was not completely without high points. I have a first cousin. He’s forty years older than me, but he’s a cool guy. There have been other surprises along the way. 

We, the rest of us, inherited a lot of your moms and grandmothers DNA. Henry Rhodes, “the Godfather” of Muhlenberg County, Kentucky pops up over and over in our DNA results. 

It’s been quite the journey.